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Our Grapes

At Mitas Hill, we have planted several varieties of grapes pulling from France, Spain and American native species. This variety of grapes allows us to make wines that are both familiar as well as unique making sure there is a wine for every person to enjoy.


First planted in 2006, our original Tempranillo plants are now are oldest vines. There are now over 2,400 vines planted over a five year period.

The Tempranillo grape is a vibrant, aromatic varietal that offers spicy, red fruit aromas and flavors. It is the dominant grape varietal in Spain's Rioja wines. It produces a medium to full-bodied red wine with lower acidity and moderate tannins. Tempranillo wines are ruby red in color, while aromas and flavors can include raspberries, liquorice, vanilla, leather and spice. Tempranillo has been well received in Texas and has grown to be considered the state's signature grape.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Five hundred Cabernet plants were started in 2008, and though they have a reputation of being hard to grow in Texas, they flourish at Mitas Hill and provide a beautiful back drop for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Often referred to as the “King of Red Wine Grapes”, originally from Bordeaux, France, this grape has a substantial foothold in California. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes tend to favor warmer climates and are often an ideal wine for aging. One of the most notable traits of Cabernet Sauvignon is its affinity for oak. Wines made from this grape range from medium-bodied to full-bodied and are characterized by their high tannin content which serves to provide structure and intrigue while supporting the rich fruit.


We currently only have 200 vines of Syrah planted in 2008. We make a limited production dry red wine that quickly sells out each year.

The Syrah grape has a long documented history in the Rhône region of southeastern France. Wines made from Syrah are often powerfully flavored and full-bodied. The variety produces wines with a wide range of flavor notes, depending on the climate and soils where it is grown. Aroma characters can range from violets to black berries, espresso and black pepper. With time in the bottle these primary notes are moderated and then supplemented with earthy or savory "tertiary" notes such as leather and truffle.


Only a small lot of 200 Zinfandel vines were planted in 2008. We produce a light and smooth dry red wine that has been the favorite of many Mitas Hill visitors.

The Zinfandel grape has been a cornerstone of the California viticulture scene since the mid-1800s. Originally thought to be a native grape from Italy, research carried out in the last 10 to 12 years has revealed that Zinfandel's original roots were firmly planted in Croatia. It is an amazing grape because it can produce so many different types of wine. From a Tawny Zin Port to the fruity White Zinfandel and everything in between, it is known as the chameleon of grapes. Zinfandel is known for its medium to high tannin levels and higher alcohol content. Aromas and flavors include blueberry, jam, raisin and spice all wrapped around various intensities of oak.


The Venus grape, developed by the University of Arkansas in 1977, is a black seedless that has unusually large berries. It is a cross between the European Vitis vinifera and the North American Vitis labrusca. It has the sweet flavor of a Concord, with some of the lusciousness of muscat. This is the grape of our Black Gypsy wine.

Harold and Sue first experienced the Venus grape growing in an abandoned vineyard along the Red River. A friend had bought the vineyard and discovered that a few rows of plants were still surviving after 15 years of neglect. It wasn't immediately known what these grapes were with their large leaves and table grape quality fruit. Cuttings were brought to Mitas Hill and now support over 1,200 plants. Our friend has since replaced these vines leaving us one of the few if not only vineyards growing this delectable grape.

Black Spanish

Black Spanish, also known as Lenoir, is native to Texas where it has built up a natural resistance to the Phylloxera pest, as well as the deadly Pierce's Disease which is a common threat to vineyards in the United States. Black Spanish was one of the American vines which Thomas Munson experimented with in the late 19th century in what is now the Texoma AVA.

Truly a southern grape, its bunches are loose, best to handle hot weather, and medium to large in size with dark round berries of bluish-purple to nearly black color. The grapes have a tender flesh that contains a juicy, sweet and vinous center. In fact, this is one of the few grapes that actually bleeds red juice. As a sweet wine, it has aromas and flavors of red berries and jam, with a candy like quality.

Blanc Du Bois

Blanc Du Bois is another example of an American created hybrid grape. It was cross bred in Florida in the late 1960's between a Floridian grape and California table grape. Its main distinguishing characteristic is a muscat-like aroma which is apparent in all wines, whether dry, off-dry, sweet or fortified.

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